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Our toile is featured in House Beautiful, Oct. 2008, pg. 77. The fabric appears in the article on designer Hal Williamson, "A Fabulously Feminine New Orleans Home." - Roulhac

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Louisiana Purchase Toile: By the square, 54" by 54", $90.

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The definitive guide to the architectural treasures of one of North Americas urban masterpieces "Savannah's twenty-two squares are its treasures. The other main attraction: its architectural gems. The sheer number of distinguished buildings is astonishing for a city of Savannah's size." -John Berendt, from the Foreword

The National Trust Guide to Savannah takes you on an illustrated walking tour through the breathtakingly gorgeous squares and neighborhoods of one of North America's most beautiful cities. Pausing along the way to linger over this or that point of architectural interest, Roulhac Toledano pieces together the history of the city, from when it was little more than a plan on founder James Edward Oglethorpe's drawing board through the groundbreaking preservation work of the 1950s. With the help of more than 200 historic and contemporary photographs, Toledano provides vivid impressions of the city, and takes you to the outlying areas of the Sea Islands and salt marshes, the plantations of Chatham County, and nearby river villages. For those planning a visit, "The National Trust Guide to Savannah" supplies an extensive guide to Savannah's museums, lodgings, restaurants, bookstores, antique shops, and other points of interest.

This beautifully illustrated guidebook published by John Wiley & Sons takes readers on an architectural, cultural and historical journey through Savannah's squares, neighborhoods and environments. It offers a comprehensive exploration of Savannah's many architectural styles -- Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic and Eclectic -- and features more than 200 historic and contemporary photographs, as well as quotes from well-known people who have visited the city. It also provides Savannah's museums, lodgings, restaurants, bookstores, antique shops, and other points of interest.

New Orleans
The Definitive Guide to the Architectural and Cultural Treasures of One of North America's Most Beloved Cities

The National Trust Guide to New Orleans is an indispensable resource for tourists, armchair travelers, architects, and anyone concerned with the preservation of one of the world's most fascinating cities. From the cast iron ornamentation in the French Quarter to the stately Greek Revival residences of the Garden District, this lavishly illustrated guide takes you on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood journey through the architectural and cultural treasures of the "Big Easy."

Providing a cross section of types and styles of architecture for each neighborhood covered, the guide pays special attention to architecturally important buildings once inhabited by notable persons. Photographs, drawings, engravings, etchings, maps, and other images created by earlier building watchers, show you the sites through the eyes of other generations. You'll find fascinating historical details about the buildings' architects, builders, and residents; up-to-date information on food, lodgings, and entertainment; and discussions of preservation issues that pertain to many of the sites.

This fictional history shows how people worlds apart are hurled into the Mississippi Valley to a New World ruled by water and climate and by overseas power. Their daily lives and passions pitch men and women, French, Canadian, African and Indian into the storm that is Louisiana as cultures clash to change all their lives. NANKOWETCO explores the life of the French naturalist Lepage Du Pratz. French Peers called him Lepage, and natives addressed him as Nankowetco ("The Man Who Cares"). Du Pratz sympathized with the native resistance to French Control during 1716-1734, refusing to become enslaved by the French. The French in turn were determined to prevail against the Indians to the point of annihilation. Not only an Indian hero, Du Pratz was an enlightened man, a scientist and observer.

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